We hope the following information may be of use to you.


Q.  Do you only use Australian products?

A. Yes, all our products are marked with the Australian Standards and are installed to the regulations.

Q. How long should I wait until I replace my flexible hoses?

A. If installed correctly a maximum 10 years but if you see any visible tearing or discoloring, they should be looked at.

Q. My taps drip, should I wait a little longer before I service them?

A. No, if they are dripping, they need a service. Slightly turning them off won't enough. If you leave it, it will damage your tap seats and cost more for labour and materials.

Q. My shower screen and outlets on my taps have stains?

A. This is because of the water quality in your area. We can install a filtration system to fix the issue.

Q. My pipes make a noise while in use?

A. This can be a various issues but can be solved by either clipping the pipework or changing the tapware and installing new valves.

Q. My drains randomly make sounds and gurgles?

A. Your drains aren’t supposed to sound like that. Your drains might be partially blocked, not sized correctly or aren’t vented properly. Don’t wait because it might fully block and you wont be able to use your toilets.

Q. My Water Bills are not consistent and seem a little high?

A. We can perform tests to determine if your property is losing water and costing you money for no reason.