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Oceania Plumbing and Gas are the experts in fixing your hot water issues. We can repair existing hot water units and supply and install new hot water units.

We service all makes and models of hot water units and can provide the right advice to ensure you get the right type hot water system to suit your needs. We also dispose of the old unit for you.

A hot water repair can range from valve replacement through to an anode upgrade. Hot water manufacturers recommend that hot water valves be replaced every 5 years to keep your hot water unit operating at its peak efficiency. Anode replacements are also a must as it’s a great way to extend the life of your hot water unit.

Have you ever arrived home from work and tried to have a shower to find there is no hot water? There are several things that could have caused this and you can relax knowing that we are here to help you 24 hours a day.

State regulations regarding temperature settings are very clear. Regulations require that the temperature inside a storage tank system should not fall below 60ºC, in order to kill any bacteria in the tank. Likewise, water from the outlet should not exceed 50ºC to prevent scalding.

This needs to be controlled in different ways for different situations, whether it is through a temperature controller or natural means, such as distance. When you have your system installed, make sure it is being done by a licensed installer.

Please be aware that you will lose the warranty on your hot water unit, if you don’t have it serviced. This goes for all brands of hot water systems.

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