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Thinking of doing some landscaping or wanting to move a bathroom?  We can help with preparing your plans to show you the best possible way to altering your drainage systems.

Having blockages more than once a year can be caused by old drainage materials in the ground or cracked pipework. These are not only annoying but can become a health issue for the occupants and also the surrounding neighbours.

Being licenced plumbers, we ensure full compliance with State Government Health Regulations. At Oceania Plumbing and Gas we are highly experienced in this area of work especially if you are converting an old septic system to a new sewage connection.

Oceania Plumbing and Gas can provide information on repairing your drainage with replacements or alterations including:

  • Main Sewer
  • In house Blockages
  • Drain Alterations
  • Drain Replacements
  • Septic’s
  • Subdivisions
  • Pre-Slab Sewer Connections
  • Leach Drains
  • Grease Traps

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